Monday, July 16, 2012

11:00 am (CST) First 30,000 Free Sample Caress Endless Kiss Body Wash

11:00 am (CST) the First 30,000 Will Receive A Free Sample Caress Endless Kiss Body Wash by clicking here. Make sure to "like" their page. Then click on the "Join The Endless Kiss" tab after the page opens. 

We’re about to unleash a kiss that will sweep the nation off its feet. It’s the Caress® Endless Kiss™. We’re not talking about a simple peck on the cheek! You personalize virtual kisses that range from innocent to steamy, then send them to your fabulous friends – or even secret crushes. Plus you’ll be able to get a free sample of our latest body wash, Caress® Endless Kiss™.  So break out the lipstick and get ready to pucker up on July 16th! Caress will send you a 2 fl. oz sample of new Caress Endless Kiss, while supplies last.”

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