Monday, July 30, 2012

Order 50 Free Personalized Facebook Cards from Moo

Looks like Moo are giving away 50 personalised business cards for free to the first 200,000 users - equivalent to 10 million cards. Get in there quick by following the instructions on the website linked. You can design the front AND back of the card. It took me only minutes to do!!!

NOTE: There is a limited daily amount given away. Click on the 'FAQS' link on the 'Facebook Cards' tab. Then click a link to claim your cards and on the next page click the 'Start Making' tab on the Moo site to start making your cards. If they are gone for the day please check back tomorrow.

I just placed my order. I did have to pay $5.50 in shipping but these are going to be awesome!!! Easy to do!!! GO HERE to start!!!

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