Saturday, July 14, 2012

Pay It Forward for (almost!) FREE!!

I found this post by accident and thought, "Wow! What a great find what a wonderful way to pay it forward" so, I have copied most of it to share with you. I checked each one of these out to make sure they were legit and which had the best links to go straight to the information. Bonny had done some of the legwork but others needed a better link, so I added the best one to get you to where I felt you could get the most out of it and not have to search and find the links. I did omit a couple she had that I felt weren't legit. These are the results. 

Pay It Forward for (almost!) FREE!!
Posted by Bonny from Coupon Friendly

Here are some EASY ways that we all can really help others. & best of all, they are ALMOST free. They just may cost you some postage!!!

* St. Jude's ranch provides special experiences for children battling illness. They always can take old greeting cards for recycling & fundraising. Read more about their drive here.

* Did you know that the most valuable part of a soda can is the pop open tabbie? Ronald McDonald houses use those tabbies (+ the others, like tabbies from pet food cans or soup or fruit cans) for their fundraising! Read more about their drive here.

* You can mail your expired & unused manufacturer coupons to military families overseas. Military families can use these coupons for up to 6 months after they expire on the military bases. Check out Coups For Troops here.

* Downy has a special program to give sewn blankets to children in hospitals. If you are a big sewer & crafter (like my mom is), I'm sure you probably have tons of fabric at home. Read about Downy's Touch of Comfort drive here.

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